Things I have learned about dating gents in London

When I first arrived in London, I did not think that I would be able to cope with English too well. The kind of English gents spoke in London was totally different from what we had learned in school in Poland, and when I first started to date for Eve […]

What would you like to do on your date?

Sometimes, I feel like asking my gents what planet they are on. When you date girls such as Reading escorts, there are certainly things which you cannot do. For instance, streaking across the pitch at Reading Football Club, is certainly something which I would not be able to do for […]

my lesbian love story

Do women know how to please each other better? Lesbian female relationships have always been much more accepted than male homosexual relationships. I have always wanted to explore the idea of female love or touch, but it was not until I started to work with London escorts, I was brave […]

Understanding Cross Road Relationships

I am at a cross roads in my relationship with my boyfriend. To be honest, we don’t seem to be getting anywhere, and we are neither going backwards or forwards, and I am not sure where our relationship is going at all. When I come home from London escorts, I […]

I hope you like adult fun….

Do you like to have adult fun? When you are hankering for a bit of adult fun in Reading, there is really only solution. What you need to do is to pick up the phone and call Reading escorts, and we will soon be around. But, there are a few […]

How can I turn this friendship into love?

  I have been seeing this really nice man for a couple of months now that I met at Chelmsford escorts from We seem to have developed a nice friendship but now I am wondering how I can turn this friendship into love I lost my husband a couple […]

My online lover

  Do you find that you are further away from people these days but yet closer to them? I find that most of my personal contacts take place online at Bethnal Green escorts from and we do not always speak. At the moment my lover and I are planning a […]

It was the first time ever I did for money

  It was one cool night I was feeling bored and a bit lonely after we had just broken up with my partner. It was going to be a long night for sure spending the night all by myself. It is the phone that startled me. ‘Hello, is that Joe?’ […]

Top Advice for a fun time in London

Perhaps you are travelling to London this summer. Planning a trip to London can be great fund. When you start checking out London, it is clear that you can have some serious fun in London. There is an endless steam of clubs that you can visit in London, and some […]

Get East Ham Escorts

  Men who are getting separated in their mid-50 appear to have some major snags to frame new connections. Some of them visit to dating agencies like, others stay alone and after that you get a few gents who appreciate dating escorts. The escort scene for the over 50’s […]