Eroticism – bad behaviour or pleasurable sex?   Recently updated !

Escorts in London say that we are too hung up about the word eroticism, and today’s modern media has turned it into something bad. I tend to agree, why do we always associate eroticism with something bad or dirty/ If, I were to use the word sensuality – what would […]


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Southall Brunette Escorts

I love dating brunettes, and as I have traveled up and down the United Kingdom, I have always made it a point to find pretty brunette escorts. Dating escorts has been part of my lifestyle for the past 5 years. I split up from my wife, and decided that I […]

The sex act

Once you will have sex doesn’t make the usual thing that you use to do. Let the moment change the way you initiate your affection to your partner. Enjoy the best of love exchange during and after the encounter. Remembering the initial buzz, and forgetting the barriers of sexual acts […]

Honest sex

Honesty is the best policy. This quote gives so much impact to the values of how great to become and honest person. As every individual have different interpretation and understanding in every situation but as long as they do believe this powerful saying. They meet halfway then. No harm will […]

Tips For Great Xxx Stories

Erotic fiction and xxx stories seem to be more popular than ever these days. Perhaps you have thought about having a go at it yourself. Although sex is an intrinsic part of what it means to be human, it does not mean that that is the easiest thing to write […]