Kevin Dewen

my lesbian love story

Do women know how to please each other better? Lesbian female relationships have always been much more accepted than male homosexual relationships. I have always wanted to explore the idea of female love or touch, but it was not until I started to work with London escorts, I was brave […]

How can I turn this friendship into love?

  I have been seeing this really nice man for a couple of months now that I met at Chelmsford escorts from We seem to have developed a nice friendship but now I am wondering how I can turn this friendship into love I lost my husband a couple […]

My online lover

  Do you find that you are further away from people these days but yet closer to them? I find that most of my personal contacts take place online at Bethnal Green escorts from and we do not always speak. At the moment my lover and I are planning a […]

Get East Ham Escorts

  Men who are getting separated in their mid-50 appear to have some major snags to frame new connections. Some of them visit to dating agencies like, others stay alone and after that you get a few gents who appreciate dating escorts. The escort scene for the over 50’s […]