Eroticism – bad behaviour or pleasurable sex?

Escorts in London say that we are too hung up about the word eroticism, and today’s modern media has turned it into something bad. I tend to agree, why do we always associate eroticism with something bad or dirty/ If, I were to use the word sensuality – what would you think then?

I recently suggested to my friends that work as London escorts that we change the word eroticism to sensuality, and they agreed with me. It would be a good idea, and it would perhaps even help the porn industry. The word erotic always seem to get people thinking about outright sex straight away but that it is not always true.

Escorts in London posed the question, how often have you laid in bed with your partner, gently stroking him and watching his body respond to yours? Is that eroticism or sensuality? There is a very fine line, and we need to ask ourselves when we cross it. Do we cross it at the point of penetration, or when you are kissing each other all over? Escorts in London say that eroticism can be very hard to define, and perhaps we are making too much of it.

Sensual Touch

Sensual touch doesn’t need to mean that you are having sex. Many Escorts in London touch their dates but it doesn’t mean that they are having sex with them. Touching can be a very pleasurable experience and many people just like being touched. Just because you are in bed together it doesn’t mean that you are having sex, say two London escorts that I know. It means that you are just “experiencing” each other and that sense of touch may just lead to something magic but it doesn’t always.

Touch can be erotic but at the same time it is sensual.

Stop, think – what does it mean?

The word sensual -what does it mean? Now, I don’t mean that we should always interpret everything as per the dictionary. Just take a look at the word for a minute, and you will appreciate it has something to do with the senses. After all, it contains “sens” which must indicate that senses are somehow important when you use the word.

Our senses are important when we touch each other. Not only the sense of touch is stimulated but also our imagination and fantasy is stimulated. Ask a scientists, and he or she will tell you that smell and taste are stimulated as well. It has to do with the way our brains function.

A sense of touch can evoke powerful memories. It may all of a sudden connect with a part of the brain that remembers a perfect day on the beach. You are sunbathing with your lover and touching each other. All the feelings, sights and sounds of that moment may come flooding back, and that sensual touch has put us in touch with our feelings.

Should we call that an erotic memory or sensual memory? You may not have had sex with your partner on the beach, but you may still have experienced that moment as erotic. Confusing, isn’t it. What is erotic and what is not erotic? I leave it up to you to decide …. just remember – keep on touching and let fingers explore.

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