My online lover


Do you find that you are further away from people these days but yet closer to them? I find that most of my personal contacts take place online at Bethnal Green escorts fromĀ and we do not always speak. At the moment my lover and I are planning a party celebration online. It seems strange but there are now several virtual worlds which will let you hold parties and meet for fun. It is my birthday so we are planning on a bit of a birthday celebration.

It might appear unusual but I rather think it is kind of neat. It is ideal for people like myself who are reluctant to meet other people outside of the online world}. Having an e-mail lover has made a huge difference in my life and it is nice to be able to finally be close to somebody. We may not be physically close, but a meeting of minds is just as important.

Can you love someone you have met online? I truly hit off with a guy I met whilst emailing another company. Now we are really close and we always email each other. I call him my email lover and to meet met it is love cyberspace. It is the perfect way to meet someone before you will meet them in person. You can find out a lot about them and all of a sudden you feel that you know that person really well. It was a bit of a shock that it happen to me but I am glad that it has.

My lover online and I have great plans for the future. We are planning on meeting but there is no need to hurry. Both of us live in London and we know exactly what it involves. Living in London can be hard. You are always rushing to and from work and it can be difficult to coordinate all of the things that you would like to do. Basically, you have to work really hard to just keep your always ahead of time. Rents are steep and personally I hold down two jobs at Bethnal Green escorts to pay my rent.

My online lover lives right across town. He has his own place and works from home. Outworkers are really popular in London now and I think it is an advantage. I love my job for a company but however I only need to go into work twice a week. The rest of the time I can work from home and it certainly cuts down on traveling expenses. On top of that I am not the most socially skilled person neither so not having to meet people face to face suits me down to the ground.

After I switch off my computer at night I enjoy reading books. I just feel that this is a good contrast to the work that I do which is very technical. It is great to be able to chill with a good book. My online lover does exactly the same thing. He sits down with good book after he has made his meal. The day we email each other about it or chat through some app.



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