would you like tea or coffee?

Tea and coffee are still Britain’s favorite drinks. During a bit of a lull at Essex escorts, I was reading a report about people’s drinks habits in the UK. For once, the panel was not focusing on alcohol at all. So many reports are published about alcohol that it is getting to be kind of boring. Sometimes, it is just nice to read something else which does not talk about how much spirit and how much wine we drink. This report came at it from a different angle, and I have to admit that I found it kind of interesting.

Lots of the girls here at escorts in Essex┬álike to go out for coffee. Tea used to be Britain’s favorite drink, but this is more or less being taken over by coffee. Over 80% of the coffee drinkers interviewed, go to the speciality coffee shops such as Starbucks. According to the researchers, it was apparent that coffee shops have greatly influenced our drinking habits. Tea is now second best, and most people have a coffee instead. I can understand that, and I do drink coffee when I am out with my friends. However, when I am home, I drink a lot of herbal teas instead.

Essex great ladies

Essex great ladies

Coffee is fine, and is probably at the end of the day, on par of tea. The only problem is that a lot of the speciality coffees are very high in sugar. A friend of mine who works here at Essex escorts, started top put on a lot of weight when she went for coffee every day. It was just one of those habits that she got stuck into. She started to stop off on her way home at this coffee shop, and of course her coffee was loaded with sugar. Also, she got the shakes. Originally she thought that it was the caffeine but it wasn’t, it was the sugar. It turned out that her coffee contained as much as ten spoons of sugar. That is a lot of sugar, and that amount of sugar can easily give the shakes. It is the body’s way of say no, I have had too much sugar and you need to change your sugar consumption.

She did manage to change her habits, and just stopped going to that coffee shop. Now, she makes herself a coffee before she leaves Essex escorts, and puts in a take away mug. No sugar, just coffee to keep her awake on the drive home.

I have learned from my friend’s lesson, and I am now really careful. Going out for coffee is nice, and I do enjoy having coffee with my friends from Essex escorts. But, now I make sure that I have a coffee without sugar. For some strange reason, coffee shops are not obliged to publish how much sugar is in their coffees. The information is available for soft drinks, and I cannot see why the same info should not be available for coffee. Diabetes is a serious disease, and to stay healthy we should stay away from excess sugar.

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